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Little Village Martial Arts

To be the best, train with the best!! Little Village Martial Arts in Chicag


About Us


Our Mission

To create tomorrow's future leaders. At Little Village Martial Arts we train our students not only physically but mentally. We increase confidence, self-esteem, focus, and discipline. This makes your child more successful at school and at home.  


Modern Studio

We are the only school in Little Village that uses the state of the art Daedo system. It is an electronic scoring system that measures strength, power, and technique. This is the same system used in the Olympics.


Qualified Instructors

Our Instructors are all black belts certifed through Kukkiwon Headquarters in South Korea. They have all received a minimun of four years training. We have both female and male instructors.

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Little Village Martial Arts

3549 West 26th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60623, United States

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